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Judging Noa: a Biblical Woman's Journey. When her father is murdered by religious fanatics, Noa must win inheri-tance rights for herself and her sisters or face bondage. Noa's quest for justice is set against the drama of the Exodus.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park was once home to pioneer farmers, poets, and moonshiners. Travel historic trails and hear the tales of their lives.

Journey from the ruby-colored Eilat Mountains to the Jordan River and evergreen Mount Carmel. See the lands Abraham, Moses, and Jesus walked. Meet travelers from around the world.

Experience the real Florida. Roseate spoonbills rising from the Everglades, manatees lolling in turquoise waters, 'gators hiding in orchid-hung swamps.

Luminous views of the Midwest's sweeping prairies, dune-edged Great Lakes, and deep boreal forests.

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Crossing Forney before the going got rough
FLORIDA, ISRAEL, THE GREAT SMOKY MOUNTAINS—these are some of the places I have roamed for books I have written. For those of you who, like me, are infected with the urge to travel, to see what’s around the bend in the Appalachians or what the night sky looks like from the bed of a Utah canyon, I invite you to tour my website.

Some travel experiences result in books. Some only in vivid personal memories. In History Hikes of the Smokies, you won’t hear how my hiking partner and I clawed our way up a muddy bank way off-trail, after the fourth crossing of Forney Creek in a raging thunderstorm. At the fifth, and last crossing, I cried: the creek was boiling whitewater over giant boulders, the far bank was far.

Slipping and sliding from one slick boulder to another, tearing my poncho and breaking a hiking stick, I finally made it three-fourths across and looked down to where a log had lodged in an eddy between rocks. From the log, a fat frog stared up, goggle-eyed and gulping pleasedly as if to say, “Fabulous weather, wot?” I laughed, oh I laughed.

Aren’t these the experiences that spur us to travel? Experiences that make us feel original and alive. Experiences banked for future story telling, whether in books or just among friends.

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