Selected Works

Judging Noa: a Biblical Woman's Journey. When her father is murdered by religious fanatics, Noa must win inheri-tance rights for herself and her sisters or face bondage. Noa's quest for justice is set against the drama of the Exodus.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park was once home to pioneer farmers, poets, and moonshiners. Travel historic trails and hear the tales of their lives.

Journey from the ruby-colored Eilat Mountains to the Jordan River and evergreen Mount Carmel. See the lands Abraham, Moses, and Jesus walked. Meet travelers from around the world.

Experience the real Florida. Roseate spoonbills rising from the Everglades, manatees lolling in turquoise waters, 'gators hiding in orchid-hung swamps.

Luminous views of the Midwest's sweeping prairies, dune-edged Great Lakes, and deep boreal forests.


Exhilarating Writers Conference

July 25, 2014

Tags: writers, writers conference, authors, PNWA, agents, editors

Logos of some presenters at PNWA 2014 conference.
I thought I knew something about writing and Iíve been to plenty of conferences. I just returned from the Pacific Northwest Writers Association 2014 conference in Seattle and had the most fun of any conference Iíve attended. More important, I learned an amazing amount about the craft and business of writing. (more…)

Hip Replacement: a User's View

January 26, 2014

Tags: hip replacement, physical therapy

Grandson's version of new hip with T-cells chasing off nasty green bacteria.
Iím glad Iím not a quadruped. Iíd have two more hips to go. But the two prosthetic hips I haveóone just a few weeks oldóhave given me back my life.

Here's what I've learned. Caveat: all is anecdotal and based on minimally invasive anterior hip replacement surgery. (more…)

Reading to Stay Fit & Nimble

October 20, 2013

Tags: Catherine the Great, Ted Cruz, Tea Party, Promised Land, hominid, Russia, Putin

Empress Catherine the Great by Fyodor Rokotov
They say you should mix it up with your exercise: donít do the same routine every day. Use different muscles to keep fit and nimble. Same thing with books. I tack from literary fiction to nonfiction to fun fiction. Right now Iím reading Robert Massieís Catherine the Great, as (more…)