Selected Works

Judging Noa: a Biblical Woman's Journey. When her father is murdered by religious fanatics, Noa must win inheri-tance rights for herself and her sisters or face bondage. Noa's quest for justice is set against the drama of the Exodus.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park was once home to pioneer farmers, poets, and moonshiners. Travel historic trails and hear the tales of their lives.

Journey from the ruby-colored Eilat Mountains to the Jordan River and evergreen Mount Carmel. See the lands Abraham, Moses, and Jesus walked. Meet travelers from around the world.

Experience the real Florida. Roseate spoonbills rising from the Everglades, manatees lolling in turquoise waters, 'gators hiding in orchid-hung swamps.

Luminous views of the Midwest's sweeping prairies, dune-edged Great Lakes, and deep boreal forests.


A KID WHO DAY-DREAMED impossible adventures, my first real adventure was a family trip to Rocky Mountain National Park when I was twelve. On a show-and-tell hike, the park ranger explained how juniper berries were used to flavor gin and how glaciers made the moraines that lay all around us. This was for me! The highlight was "sitting tall in the saddle," riding in the Estes Park rodeo parade.

My next adventure came much later, when I decided to ditch graduate school and head West, to San Francisco. I found myself at Rolling Stone magazine, then became an editor at Outside. It was all a little crazy. Good crazy. But, for a more "official" life...

Headlands of St. Lucia
Strutin is, at present, working on a work of historical fiction. In addition to her books [See "Publications"], Michal Strutin has written articles on a variety of subjects. The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, Christian Science Monitor, Outside, Health, Modern Maturity, Landscape Architecture, and Garden Design are a few of the periodicals that have featured her articles.

For a decade, Strutin served as editor of National Parks, the magazine of National Parks and Conservation Association. For two years she wrote and coproduced, Mature Focus, AARP's national daily radio program. She was an editor at Outside magazine and also worked for Rolling Stone, the San Francisco Examiner, and the Washington Post.

She contributed to the National Geographic Guide to America's Public Gardens as well as to Nature Travel, published by The Nature Company. She has written for the Denver Museum of Natural History and for the Keystone Center, an environmental and science policy center.

She presents programs for various groups on nature travel and environmental issues, and was a featured speaker at a University of North Carolina-Ashville symposium, "Understanding Israel."

After obtaining a master's degree in Information Sciences she left the lovely Great Smoky Mountains to return to family and the Bay Area as science librarian at Santa Clara University.

An avid gardener, she has worked as a "perennial consultant" in Denver. In writing and deed, she remains committed to protecting the environment. Her love of the outdoors has taken her to backcountry areas across America, in the Himalayas, Tanzania, and Israel.